how to clean a suede handbag

Do you have a stain on your suede leather bag?

Don’t be concerned!

In this article, we’ll show you how to clean your suede bag in 5 easy steps.

Suede, unlike traditional leathers, is far more delicate and easily damaged.

Try these steps before you throw away any suede items!

how to clean a suede handbag
how to clean a suede handbag

Remove Excess Dirt

Remove any excess dirt from the leather’s surface with a clean, dry cloth. Don’t rub too hard, as this is one of the most common ways for suede to be destroyed. When removing stains from this material, you must be as gentle as possible to avoid damaging the tiny fibers that make up the lush surface.

Use A Brush For Hard Dirt

Special brushes designed to help remove hardened dirt stains from suede can be purchased from leather stores. You can’t use a regular brush because the hairs will be too hard and robust for the leather. Brush in a single direction back and forth. Avoid brushing in circles!

Apply A Simple Cleaning Solution

Plain white vinegar and rubbing alcohol are two of the best homemade suede bag cleaning solutions. Because these fluids do not leave marks on suede like water does, they are ideal for removing stubborn stains. Rub them in with a clean cloth and then set the item aside to dry completely.

Brush The Suede Up Again

When the leather is completely dry, take your special suede brush and gently brush the surface. As you brush away at it, you should notice a lot more dirt coming off the surface.

Rub In Conditioner

If you want to restore the best possible condition to your suede leather, rub in some suede conditioner.

To achieve the best results, only use products from a reputable leather store.

That’s all!

We hope you found this quick guide to cleaning a suede purse useful!

With this simple procedure, you can keep your suede clothing looking newer for longer!

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